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BenefitsWe have combined the advantages of OTC market with the advantages of retail market in one service.
We have combined the advantages of OTC market with the advantages of retail market in one service.
We work with BTC sellers directly, without intermediaries.
By offering guaranteed sales in the shortest possible time span, we are able to obtain wholesale pricing and in this way secure the best terms for retail buyers. We use bank transfers for payments, so we don't price in potential risks into our rates – and that means that coins are sold without any markups.
Each of our sellers has undergone the KYC, AML, and Proof of Coins procedures, and their coins have been checked for legitimacy.
We have official agreements signed with each seller. As part of our service, bitcoins for each confirmed transaction are deposited into our own account. We do not store coins in external wallets – to complete the transaction, you give us your own wallet address to which BTC will be deposited.
Our procedures are so streamlined that the entire process of purchasing bitcoins can be completed in just a few minutes.
To buy coins, you will need to indicate their amount, confirm the wallet address in which you would like to have them deposited, and confirm the receipt (in free form). The system will automatically generate an invoice, a contract, and payment instructions. Our customer support and personal account manager service is open 24/7.
We engage sellers who have a minimum of 10,000 BTC available for sale.
For many sellers, they have on average over 100,000 BTC at their disposal. By working with major suppliers, we can arrange sales of very significant amounts. However, our arrangements are flexible enough to allow a low entry threshold as well.
Profits for agents
Our sellers have sign discount agreement, in which they undertake to give a 1% discount to an agent.
Our service also contains special features for agents, which allows them to generate documents based on the deal's specifics and agent's interests in each particular transaction.
Professional Solutions
from CatchBitcoin
A solution for cryptocurrency exchanges
The team at CatchBitcoin developed a tool which enables crypto businesses to accept payments from their clients via bank transfers and instantly convert the funds to BTC. This service is in highest demand with cryptocurrency exchanges and companies which may have difficulty opening bank accounts. This procedure may involve manual client processing or a completely automated system that includes a form to select the BTC amount, generate an invoice, and API connection. The team at CatchBitcoin is willing to undertake tasks of any level of difficulty and will be able to build a custom-tailored solution for your business.
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